Worldwide calçots

We Hortànic love onions; we particularly love sweet ones! We are eco-friendly “calçots” that, after being grown on our own soil, are packed and sent to wherever you are. Thus, if you feel like it, you can try the traditional “calçotada” with our eco-friendly and local products. We do also provide you with Hortànic’s own online service.

We also know the essence of a proper “calçotada” is the sauce, and so we make our own Hortànic “salvitxada” sauce (aka “calçotada” sauce) to ensure you can enjoy this food celebration the way you should.


We Hortànic would love to be as close to you as we possibly can, so that you get to try our products right after they’re picked. This is the only way we can ensure you’ll get them in the best conditions and makes us stand out from the rest. Why? Because Hortanic only sells homemade products and we work on request, unlike those products you’ll find in various supermarkets and shops, which have been hanging around in storehouses and being transported in several kinds of means of transport. We work every single order individually and we manage it in a personalized way, so that it gets to you as soon as possible and without intermediary. From our fields right to your table!

During the buying process you’ll get to choose the delivery system that better suits your needs:

INSIDE THE IBERIAN PENINSULAyou can choose between:

48h service for those orders placed before every Tuesday at 1pm (CET).

24h express service for those orders placed before every Tuesday at 1pm (CET).

As for those orders placed from Friday to Sunday, we’ll deliver the following Tuesday. We will not deliver either on Monday or on Saturday on a standard service. However, if that’s your case, get in touch with us sending an email to or calling (+34) 676 640 216. We’ll sort that out!

• TO ANY OTHER EU COUNTRY, we offer a 48h/72h services for orders placed before Tuesday at 1pm (CET). Orders placed from Friday evening to Sunday we’ll be processed on Monday so that you can get it on Wednesday/Thursday. In this case also, no delivery will be made either on Saturday or Sunday. So, for those deliveries outside the Iberian Peninsula, we do recommend you take place your order one week beforehand, at least. Still, if you place your order on Monday or Tuesday, we can almost guarantee you will get it that same week. However, we will keep updated from the very moment you place your order.

TO ANY COUNTRY OUTSIDE THE EUwe would like you to contact us at, so that we can personally take care of it. We will try our best so that you can enjoy your calçotada.  

We would like to point out this is the case of those that have been ordering from Switzerland for years.

On the other hand, for any order you place, we would like you to add a preferred delivery time, as well as a contact number and person, which will ease the carrier’s job.

Minimum order, in every case, is one box with calçots and sauce for up to 5 people.

Price offered by Hortànic includes the product price, transport and taxes. 

Any other additional cost that may be caused by transport (remote areas, fuel extras, customs procedures…) will be informed beforehand, so that you can take a decision.

We would like you to let us know about any delivery delay as soon as possible. In this way, we will work with the carrier in order to find a solution. 

Hortànic will not take sales returns, as this is not possible when dealing with fresh food products. However, for any further issues get in touch with us at or (+34) 676 640 216.