About us

We Hortànic are a team of people that share the passion, dedication and service to nature, agriculture and those around us: our ecosystem.

We work hard to produce and sell eco-friendly food in our vegetable garden, under Slow Food philosophy. Our target is to provide users with a high quality, fresh, authentic and local product. And the most important thing: our food does carry any additives and come from an area we love. And, as every other agricultural company, we have a beloved main product that makes us different on every season (autumn / winter and spring / summer). First, we have our Eco-calçot, our main speciality! Then, there’s our special tomato, incomparable in terms of its flavour. And in the summer, our stars are cherries and peaches, superb sweet Mediterranean fruit.

We offer both people and collectives excellent products on a budget, providing top-notch and charm service to our customers. Hortànic is about the heart. We work in cooperation within Catalonia, in particular, but also in the rest of Spain, and the entire European Union, in general.