2 ECO Salvitxada sauce jars

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These are 350g jars, ideal for 4 or 5 people. Minimum order, 2 jars.

9,90 € tax incl.

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As in every proper meal, being well accompanied is essential. Here's the fancy "calçot" partner: the Salvitxada sauce, what better brings our main protagonist back to life.

If you don't have it, you'll definitely miss it. There's always a great sauce next to a great "calçot"! Ours is 100% eco-friendly, which makes it ideal to dip our "calçot" in the healthiest way. We deliver our ready-to-serve recipe in beautiful jars. And no, sorry... we can't reveal the recipe's formula. We can only say it's made using real, eco-friendly ingredients: 100% virgin olive oil; Baix Camp and Terres de Lleida dried fruit; vinagre, "tomacons" (local tomatoes), chilly and homemade sun-dried tomatoes. This is the sauce of life! Try it and you'll definitely fall in love. Word of Hortànic. 

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