Clean large calçot (1kg)

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1 Kg of clean "calçots"

8,80 € tax incl.

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It is the smallest in the house, as sharp as a razor! This is a gourmet product, which explains why we’ve named it “selection calçot”, definitely focused on both restaurants and private customers. We will send them clean and ready, so that you don’t get your hands dirty.

It is ideal as a tempura, first-course sides, both cooked and salads, or as a standout snack on special appetisers. This small “calçot” is a vegetable thought for cuisine creativity enthusiasts; the secret of every signature chef. If you’ve always dreamt about taking “calçots” to your house to enjoy them as a tasting product on your parties, this is the one.

We offer them in 1kg form, so that you can truly become a current chef in your own home. Are you in?


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