100 "eco-friendly" calçots

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100 eco-friendly calçots pack by Hortànic 

17,60 € tax incl.

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"Calçots" are our raison d'être. They grow slowly but firmly, thanks to the dry Penedès soil. This allows for this product to develop soft and slightly flexible fibers, which result on a creamy and beautiful texture. 

It does have an honest, sweet flavour; intense but not harsh. Humid-soil notes merge with a special sweet essence and the golden touch of flames. Overall, it allows for a long-lasting and colourful experience in our mouth

Right after being cooked on the flames, wrap them up using a newspaper and put them inside a cardboard box. We will soon get them to slowly cook thanks to the remaining heat, which will help flavours and texture to improve even more. 

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